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If you’re part of a school, group, club, organization or team looking for a little help and a few great fundraising ideas to help with the finances, you’ve landed at the right place. We’re Fundippity and we put the ‘fun’ and ‘fund’ in fundraising.

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Just click on a box below for some truly amazing fundraising ideas or check out our proven fundraisers page which features some real examples of successful fundraisers that groups all over the country have put together. 

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10 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Hey kids! Or parents conducting “fundraising ideas for kids” web searches. We have tons of great fundraising ideas and plans to come up with tons more. So if you can’t find a great idea on here just yet, stay tuned. When most people think...

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10 Big Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

If you have just a few people in your group or organization and are looking to launch a fundraiser, no problem. There are hundreds of great ideas you can choose from. But don’t let the size of your group stop you from thinking big....

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