Fabulous Fundraiser Ideas for Groups, Clubs, Teams, & More!

Our mission is to bring you the best fundraising ideas from traditional to unique. Whether you represent a small or large group, non-profit, club, team, office, school, or community service organization, chances are good that you’ll find a great fundraising idea on Fundippity.

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Fundraisers for Small Groups

Raise some funds for your small group! These fundraising ideas are easy to execute and a boat load of fun!


Looking for a fundraiser idea that's a little more on the unique side? We're always brainstorming new and creative ways to raise funds!

holiday Fundraiser Ideas

There's no better time to put on a fundraiser than around a holiday. Check out our list of holiday-themed fundraising ideas!

Church Group Fundraiser Ideas

Looking for a new fundraiser idea for your church group? No worries, we've got you covered. Check out our growing list!

Elementary School Fundraiser Ideas

Elementary school and fundraising go together like macaroni and cheese. Of course we have a ton of great "cheesy" ideas.

Middle School Fundraiser Ideas

Middle school is no fun. But you can make it fun by putting on a great fundraiser. Just visit our middle school fundraiser page!

High School Fundraiser Ideas

Looking for a high school fundraising idea that will get the students so excited that they'll put down their phones? Check these out!

College Fundraiser Ideas

Looking for a fun way to raise some funds for your college club, group, or organization? Check out these ideas!

ANIMAL SHELTER Fundraiser Ideas

Tired of the same old boring animal shelter fundraiser ideas? We are too, which is why we're putting together some great new ideas.

Traditional Fundraisers

They may be traditional fundraiser ideas, but they sure do work. Check out our list never-ending traditional fundraisers.


Need a great fundraising idea for your club? We thought so. That's why we've prepared a great listwith you in mind!

Eco-Friendly Fundraiser Ideas

Whether you're looking for a fundraising activity to help protect the environment, or just want to be eco-friendly, we've got some ideas.

Fundraiser Ideas for Non-Profits

Stop the presses! We have tons of great fundraising ideas for non-profit groups and organizations.

Fundraiser Ideas for Sports Teams

Tired of the same old boring fundraisers for your sports team or club? So are we. So check these ideas out.

Youth Groups Fundraiser Ideas

You can't have a youth group without putting on a few annual fundraisers. Thankfully, we have some great ideas for you!

Fundraiser Ideas for the Office

Let's build some employee morale. Yes it can be done. These fundraiser ideas for your office not only raise money, they're also fun!

Fundraiser Ideas for Kids

Kids can change the world too. We have some great, easy to execute, fundraising ideas for kids of all ages.

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