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10 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Hey kids! Or parents conducting “fundraising ideas for kids” web searches. We have tons of great fundraising ideas and plans to come up with tons more. So if you can’t find a great idea on here just yet, stay tuned.

When most people think of kids doing fundraising, they think of the traditional lemonade stand. While there’s nothing wrong with setting up a lemonade stand to make money for your cause, there are other options which may prove more successful. Below is a list of fundraising ideas that are easy for kids to set up.


Car Wash

A car wash is a fun and easy way to make a few extra dollars for your group. All you need is about 5 kids, a place to wash cars and access to water. Many local businesses might be willing to support you. If you charge around $5 per car, your likely to average even more, as people will often hand you $10.


Grocery Store Cart Wash

Grocery store carts are not the cleanest things on the planet. Why not ask your local grocery store if you can clean their shopping carts in return for a fee of $5 per cart? If they like your cause, they may just be willing to support you. You will need access to water and a few volunteers.


Rummage Sale

Everyone loves a good rummage sale, and they are pretty easy to set up. Ask people to donate unwanted household items and find a space where you can sell the items for a profit. Think of it as a giant yard sale.


Parent’s Night Out Babysitting Fundraiser

Offer to set up a group parents night out for your neighborhood or school. Of course you need to be of babysitting age or have responsible teens or parents on hand to help you out. Charge $5 per hour for each kid.


Candygram Fundraiser

With a candygram fundraiser, you pre-sell boxes of candies (or whatever you choose to sell) to people who want the candy to go to a special someone (friend, neighbor, boyfriend or girlfriend, mom or dad, etc.). Your job is to get the orders and deliver the product. You can include special notes to the recipient from the person who made the purchase.


The Nickle Collection Project Fundraiser

You can either do this door to door or ask local businesses if you can set up a nickle collection jar at their location. Everyone always has a few extra nickles in their pocket or purse and would be more than willing to part with them for the right cause. Nickles may not seem like much, but they add up fast. You’ll find that people will throw in extra change as well, including dimes and quarters.


Cutest Pet Contest Fundraiser

Every pet owner thinks they have the world’s cutest pet. Give them a chance to prove it by holding a Cutest Pet Contest fundraiser. You can host it online by having people submit entries of their pets, or make an event out of it and host it at a park or a school.


Pet Talent Show Fundraiser

Set up just like you would a regular talent show. Request a donation for admission. You might be surprised at what some pets can do! Ask local businesses to donate some prizes.


The Great Smoothie Mix Up Fundraiser

Everyone loves smoothies, so why not make a fundraiser out of selling them. Get every type of fruit and vegetable you can find and allow people to create their own special mixed-up smoothie out of your vast selection of ingredients. Give out awards for people who come up with the best mixes. You should be able to earn at least 5x your food costs if you price correctly.


Minute to Win It Fundraiser

Set up an event where contestants have just 1 minute to complete a relatively difficult and fun activity. You can set it up for groups or just solo participants. Be creative when deciding what tasks you want people to complete. Some ideas may include having to bounce ping pong balls into plastic cups, stacking cookies, finding the correct key out of several which will open a lock, etc. You get the idea. Charge contestants to participate and distribute rewards donated from local businesses.