If you have just a few people in your group or organization and are looking to launch a fundraiser, no problem. There are hundreds of great ideas you can choose from. But don’t let the size of your group stop you from thinking big. You can always find more volunteers! Here are a few fundraising ideas that should be easy enough for you to implement as a small group without too much help. If you need more ideas, we have a big list here that you can always refer to. Good luck with your efforts!


Solve the Mystery Fundraiser (you have 24 hours to solve the crime)

With this fundraising idea, you just need to set up a crime scene and invite your guests to solve it. You don’t really need to give people 24 hours, ideally you would host it at night and give people a few hours to try and solve the crime. You’ll need to be creative and hopefully a reader of mystery novels to come up with a great who done it theme. Charge participation fees and award a prize to the winner.


Art on the Walk

Whatever you want to call it, this fundraising idea is both creative and fun! The idea is to form groups of artists (1 or 2 people each) to draw out an artistic masterpiece made of colored chalk on the sidewalks of your town or city. Of course, they don’t have to be professional artists. They just need to have some drawing talent. Have the artists draw something that represents your cause or organization. Have a collection bucket (or volunteer) next to each artist and have the public vote for their favorite design by placing a donation into the appropriate bucket. Be sure to have signs up about the event and what it’s for, so that people will be more willing to give. Also, you will need approvals from city officials. They may even want to get involved!


Rummage Sale

Everyone loves a good rummage sale, and they are pretty easy to set up. Ask people to donate unwanted household items and find a space where you can sell the items for a profit. Think of it as a giant yard sale.


Cooking Demonstration Fundraiser

The best thing about doing a cooking demonstration fundraiser is that you can do it again and again. Just pick different themes or menus each time. You will need access to a demonstration kitchen and a few good local cooks or chefs. People will pay to see how dishes are prepared. You can also include a wine-tasting to make the event even more appealing.


Style Me Up Salon Style

This is an easy fundraising idea if your group is good with hair. Offer up a day of doing hairstyles for girls. If you are not familiar with all of the latest hair-styling trends and braid types, you can find a ton of “how to” styling videos on YouTube. No cutting involved, this is just fun with styling. Ask moms for donations to have their girls hair styled (the moms may want theirs done as well!).


Furniture Rehab Project Sale – Painting with a Purpose Fundraiser

This fundraising idea is great for teens, sororities, groups, churches and clubs of all types. Ask people to donate wood furniture (antique style) and/or go find some older pieces at your local thrift stores that you can pick up on the cheap and are in serious need of rehab. Basically, you are just going to have a group of volunteers rehab the furniture and sell it on the spot. It would be a good idea to have a local finish carpenter and an interior designer helping you out to make sure your rehab efforts fetch the best prices. Make sure to hold your furniture rehab event at a place that draws a lot of traffic.


Retail Spare Change Round Up

If you don’t have a large group of volunteers, creating a retail change round up fundraiser should be easy enough to do. All it requires is going around to local merchants and asking if they will help support your cause by placing a change round up jar at their checkout counter. These are jars that people can put their change into when they make a purchase and get small change back, like .20 cents, .39 cents, etc. It adds up! You just need to make the jars and the signage.


Non-Traditional Car Wash Fundraiser

Nothing new here, but we had to add it. Try and mix it up a bit from the traditional approach. Make it a “Hot Dad’s” wash or a “Grandma’s Car Wash” (the volunteer washers can dress up like grandmas). Make it themed, and you’re bound to have more success. Make sure you can find a high traffic location.


Super Social Sundae Fundraiser

Everyone in the community can get involved in your Super Sundae Fundraiser. The concept is simple. Your task is to bring everyone together to make one huge sundae. When it’s complete, you generate revenue by asking for donations where people can get a cup or bowl of the ice cream delight for $1 or $2 dollars, depending on how big your cups are. Hold the event in a busy area of town so that people can see what’s going on. Tell your local media about your event and effort to build the largest sundae your town has ever seen. Ask your local grocery stores to donate the ice cream and toppings in return for signage at the event.


Community Guided Trail Hike Fundraiser

Putting together some hikes for the local community to partake in can be a great way to generate some revenue for your club or organization. The great thing about hiking events is that you can schedule them frequently and focus on hiking in different areas. Find someone who is knowledgeable about the area you plan to hike, so they can lead the group and provide some interesting facts about the area. Request donations for participation.