The headline should actually read “fundraising ideas on behalf of animals” since animals themselves don’t care so much about raising money. The first thing that people usually think of when trying to come up with fundraising ideas to help out animals is how best to incorporate the use of animals in the fundraiser. That’s a great way to start thinking, however keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to have your event involve animals. It would be great if you did, but it’s not necessary. People will like your cause just the same. However, it is always a good idea to put images of animals in your event promotional materials! It helps to capture the attention of pet owners and animal lovers. One good thing about creating a fundraiser for animals is that it’s pretty easy to find potential supporters. Major pet retailers, dog parks, people out walking their dogs, animal clubs, etc. are all potential targets.

“Woof” Top Stakeout

Just like the classic rooftop stakeout fundraiser where the idea is to sit on a rooftop for 24 hours (or however long you can go) and collect donations. The only difference is that this one is promoting awareness of your cause for animals (specifically dogs – hence the “woof” in “woof-top”). You can have some dogs below helping out at the collection table.

Animal Cracker Farm Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love animal crackers or cookies? The idea here is to create a fundraiser around who can design the best farm scene using animal crackers. These would be handmade layouts where people can make miniature barns, bails of hay, etc. and populate the grounds with animals. Given that most animal crackers are jungle animals, you can also change it to a jungle landscape. Find a place to display all of the barnyard masterpieces and have people cast their votes by putting money in a jar next to their favorite display. Award donated prizes for the best designs.

YouTube – TikTok Amazing Animal Tricks

Create a YouTube channel or TikTok account if you haven’t already and have people make and submit a video to you of their pet or pets doing their best tricks. You upload them to YouTube and TikTok and select the winner by whoever  gets the most views over a certain period of time. Award donated prizes to the winners.

Instagram Cutest Pet Contest

Every pet owner thinks they have the world’s cutest pet. Give them a chance to prove it by holding a Cutest Pet Contest fundraiser using Instagram or Facebook (or you can do it on your website if you have one). Have people post their best pet photos and see which ones can get the most likes. Social media platforms like Facebook have specific rules regarding contests, so make sure you are clear on what you can and can’t do if you plan on making the promotion specific to the social media site. Charge a photo entry fee and award prizes to the winners.

Dog Wash Fundraiser

Hosting a dog washing fundraiser can be a lot of fun, especially if you are working with kids. Sep up a special weekend day, grab some mini plastic swimming pools (or other portable lightweight tubs), dog shampoo, brushes, towels (for the dogs and the kids!) and lots of kid volunteers. Ask for donations to get your dog washed.

Pet Farm Fundraiser

Find a local events business that specializes in pet farms for parties. You can even contact your local zoo to see if they’ll help (showcasing smaller reptiles, etc.). They may be happy to provide you with discounted rates in return for promotion and awareness to the families that attend your event. Bring in some local animal experts (like Vets) and make your pet farm fundraising event educational as well. Charge enough in admission fees to make the event worthwhile.

Spend the Night at the Zoo

This is basically an opportunity to have kids (or adults) spend the night at a local attraction venue. It could be a museum, zoo, amusement park, aquarium, etc. Anyplace you can think of that would be fun and generate interest. You might need to rent out the venue (if the venue markets to children, you may be able to negotiate a great rate), and you’ll need several chaperones. There is also an opportunity to make the event educational for kids. Have speakers who can speak on subjects related to animals.

Pet Baskets (Gift) Fundraiser

We’re not talking about putting pet into baskets, but rather creating gift baskets designed around pets. Fill baskets with inexpensive pet goodies and offer them for sale at your special event. You should be able to get at least 50% profit with each one sold. You can purchase pet-themed tin containers as well.

Animals in the Clouds Photo Contest Fundraiser

Everyone at some point in their life has played the game where they try and identify animal shapes in clouds. If you are looking for photo contest ideas, why not see who can submit the best animal in the clouds photo? If your organization deals with pets in any way, this fundraiser is a great tie-in. You can award prizes for the photo which comes closest to actually resembling an animal, most beautiful photo, etc. Participants will have to identify the animal with each submission.

Shark Tank for Pets

For this fundraising idea you will have contestants come up with new product innovations for animals (and pets). The idea is to have fun, not necessarily to witness the next big innovation in pet care. People can design new leashes, new toys, and other gadgets specifically for pets and pet owners.