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10 Haunted Places in Salem MA that Will Perk Your Spirits Up

Is Salem, MA haunted? Most definitely yes. Salem Massachusetts is reported to be one of the most haunted cities in America. The small city of Salem is known primarily as the location of the famous witch trials that took place in the late 1600’s where a group of young girls in Salem Village made claims of being possessed by the devil and accused several local women (and a few men) of witchcraft.

In total, more than 200 people were accused of witchcraft, with 30 being found guilty. The majority of those found guilty were executed by hanging. When you visit Salem, you definitely get that creepy, eerie feeling that you are not alone. And that’s probably because you’re not!

Today, the town of Salem is thought to be haunted by many of the souls of those who were accused and subsequently put to death for their alleged crimes. The following are some of the more popular haunted locations around Salem.

Top Haunted Places Around Salem MA

The Burying Point Cemetery 

The Burying Point Cemetery is a historic cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts. It was established in 1637 and is known for being the oldest cemetery in the city. The cemetery was initially used by the Puritans, and many of the notable figures of Salem’s history are buried here, including judges, soldiers, and other prominent citizens. One of the most famous people buried here is Judge John Hathorne, who presided over several of the Salem witch trials. The cemetery is also known for having unique and intricate headstones, such as the iconic Witch Trials Memorial, which honors the victims of the witch trials. Visitors to the cemetery can take guided tours to learn about its history and the stories of the people buried there. Overall, the Burying Point Cemetery is an important part of Salem’s history and a fascinating destination for tourists and history buffs. Visitors to the cemetery report seeing and hearing all sorts of strange and unexplained phenomenon.

The Witch House (Jonathan Corwin House)

The Witch House, also known as the Jonathan Corwin House, is a historic building located in Salem, Massachusetts. It was built in the 17th century and served as the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin during the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692. As one of the few buildings from the period still standing, the Witch House has been preserved as a museum dedicated to the history of the trials and the role of the Corwin family in them. Judge Corwin was one of the men who was reported to be responsible for signing the arrest warrants for several of the women accused of witchcraft.

The Witch House features period artifacts, including furniture and household items, as well as exhibits that explore the culture and beliefs of the time. Visitors can also learn about the impact of the trials on Salem and the wider world, and see how the legacy of the witch hunts continues to be felt today. The Witch House is a fascinating and sobering look at a dark chapter in American history, and a reminder of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage. Many people report hearing the voice of a child, feeling cold spots, and having the sensation of being touched. Several family members died in the home as a result of fever.

House of the Seven Gables

The House of the Seven Gables is a historic house in Salem, Massachusetts with ties to the famous 17th-century witch trials. Built in 1668 by John Turner, the house is known for its unique features, including seven gables, secret staircases, and a mysterious hidden room. The house was made famous by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel of the same name, which featured the house as the centerpiece of the story.

The home was originally known as the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion. Which served as the home to many of Salem’s well-to-do families. People who have visited the house claim to see the ghost of Susanna Ingersoll, who lived in the home back in the late 1700’s. Susanna’s younger cousin was none other than Nathaniel Hawthorne. People have also witnessed seeing the spirit of a young boy, most often seen in the attic.

Today, visitors can tour the house and grounds, including the maritime gardens and 20th-century museum. The site also includes a shop, restaurant, and various events throughout the year, including live performances, lectures, and traditional New England festivals. The House of the Seven Gables is a must-visit destination for those interested in history, literature, and architecture.

Th Old Salem Jail

The Old Salem Jail has the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations in Salem. But of course, aren’t all old jails haunted? The jail was built in the early 1800’s, and It is claimed that the jail is haunted by the spirits of those who were jailed here.

Today, the building has been remodeled into luxury apartments, but people still claim to hear various haunting noises of screaming, crying, and of course, chains rattling!  

The Joshua Ward House

The Joshua Ward House is a historic building located in Salem, Massachusetts. It was built in 1784 for Joshua Ward, a wealthy merchant and shipowner. The house is located on a hill overlooking Salem Harbor and has a distinctive Federal-style architecture. The property was once owned by Sheriff George Corwin, who was responsible for the imprisonment and execution of many accused witches during the Salem Witch Trials. According to local legend, Corwin died in the house in 1696 and his ghost haunts the property. People who have visited the home claim the feeling of being watched when no one is around. Reportedly books and pictures fall without cause.

Today, the Joshua Ward House is open to the public as a museum. Visitors can take guided tours of the property and learn about its fascinating history. The house is also available for private events such as weddings and corporate functions.

Haunted Proctor's Ledge

Proctor’s Ledge in Salem, Massachusetts is a site of historical significance as the location where 19 people were executed during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Before the discovery of the exact location of the executions in 2016, it was believed that the trials took place at Gallows Hill. However, research using historical documents and modern technology confirmed that Proctor’s Ledge was the actual location of the executions. Visitors report seeing orbs, feeling cold spots, and hearing wailing sounds off in the distance.

Today, Proctor’s Ledge is marked by a memorial where visitors can pay tribute to the victims of the Witch Trials and reflect on the tragic events that took place in Salem over 300 years ago. The memorial features individual plaques for each of those executed as well as a wall to honor the innocent victims of the hysteria.

Proctor’s Ledge serves as a reminder of the dangers of unchecked fear, mass hysteria, and the importance of protecting the rights of all individuals, particularly those who may be seen as different or marginalized.

Howard Street Cemetery

Howard Street Cemetery is a historic cemetery located in Salem, Massachusetts. Established in 1801, the cemetery is named after the street running adjacent to its grounds. The cemetery served as a burial ground for many of Salem’s residents during the 19th century, including prominent figures such as Nathaniel Bowditch, the founder of modern maritime navigation, and Samuel McIntire, a renowned architect and woodcarver.

The Howard Street Cemetery is one of the three cemeteries which are connected to the Salem Witch Trials. This cemetery location is reportedly the place where Giles Corey was taken to be pressed to death (death by crushing) for refusing to stand trial. Giles was accused of witchcraft along with his wife Martha Corey. After being arrested, Corey refused to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. It has been passed down that during his execution, Giles Corey placed a curse on the town of Salem. People report seeing his ghost haunting the cemetery, where he lays in an unmarked grave.

The cemetery features a variety of gravestones and monuments, including several notable examples of the distinctive New England style of gravestone carving. The cemetery is open year-round and is a popular destination for tourists seeking to explore Salem’s rich history and cultural heritage.

The Hawthorne Hotel

The Hawthorne Hotel is a historic hotel located in Salem, Massachusetts. Built in 1925, the hotel is named after Nathaniel Hawthorne, the famous author who was born in Salem. The Hawthorne Hotel is known for its elegant design and classic New England charm, with beautiful architecture and rich furnishings throughout the property. The hotel features 93 guest rooms and suites, each with their own unique character and style. Amenities at the hotel include an on-site restaurant, bar and lounge, fitness center, and meeting and event facilities.

Known for being one of the most haunted hotels in the U.S., the Hawthorne Hotel sits on the site of the actual witchcraft trials. Hotel guest report seeing apparitions including the ghostly figure of a woman walking the halls. Bridget Bishop, the first woman executed during the witchcraft trials, was said to have owned an apple orchard on the ground the hotel was built on. Some guests claim they can smell the apples.

Murphy’s Restaurant & Pub

Murphy’s Pub is known among locals to be one of Salem’s most active haunted buildings. The building is situated only footsteps away from the Old Burying Point Cemetery. Workers and past patrons claimed to have witnessed all sorts of paranormal occurrences in and around the building, including a Victorian-era lady in a powder blue dress and a full-bodied apparition of boy with a picnic basket.

Wicked Good Books

Wicked Good Books is another haunted hotspot in Salem. Many people have reported books flying from the shelves, and not as the result of a great sale. Nobody is touching these books when they’re on the move.

During renovation, construction workers apparently discovered some secret underground tunnels complete with evidence of human remains beneath the shop. It’s no wonder the place is reported to be haunted.

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