Instead of the typical 5k or 10k run fundraisers that we always see, why not organize a super fun 100 meter dash competition where individuals of all ages and abilities can compete against each other in support of your group, club, or organization?

Hosting a 100 meter dash is much more fun for the spectators and you won’t need to worry about road traffic because your event is hosted at a school track field. 

You can make the event a real competition, where runners are divided up by age group and gender, or you can make it a strictly fun event where you create a variety of unique fun runs, such as having a father/daughter competition where the daughters get a big head start, making people run carrying someone on their back, or having them carry a full cup of water while they run (finishers need to have at least half the water remaining in their cup at the finish line or be disqualified), etc. The ideas are only limited by your imagination. 

To raise funds for the event, you can charge admission, charge participation fees, require participants to get sponsors, and get event sponsors. Make sure that you have all participants sign a waiver. 

Be sure to contact your local city or county for any needed permits. You’ll want to start promoting this event at least 2-months in advance. Place posters all over town, contact your local media, and be sure to create some clever social media posts.