A Unique Gift Box Fundraiser Idea You’ve Got To Try

Gift basket fundraisers are great, but they’re done so often that people tend to lose interest in them. But who says you can’t change things up a bit? The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic in Eau Claire, Wisconsin did just that. It’s called the “Raise Spirits, Give Hope…in a Box” fundraiser. 

With the help of a local coffee shop retailer, the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic puts together a new themed gift box of gourmet food and drink items each month. Think wine and cheese. Boxes are limited and each one sells for around $100. They are available until sold out, which generally happens quickly. 

The great thing about gourmet food gift boxes is the perceived value of the items. The wholesale price is much less than what people would pay retail. People can buy them for themselves or give them away as gifts. We like the idea of making a limited supply of boxes (creates demand), and being able to apply a unique theme each month. In February, you can do a lovers themed box in honor of Valentine’s day, in October you can do an Oktoberfest themed box, and so on. 

Work with local retailers like candy shops, bakeries, cheese shops, wineries, coffee shops, etc. to help you with the boxes and try and get some items donated. Make the box presentation as nice as possible, especially if you plan on selling them at high margin. Create some nice labels and be sure to include a thank you card that explains how the sale of each box helps to support your organization.