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Abstract Painting for Seniors and Beginners

Abstract painting is…abstract. The term itself is difficult to define. In the world of art, abstract represents a sort of departure from reality. It uses shapes and forms, colors, and textures, to present something that is unrecognizable and strays away from visual reality. In other words, it’s a bunch of paint thrown together on a canvas that is subject to viewer interpretation. Some in the art world point to impressionism, post-impressionism and cubism, as the forerunners to much of the abstract paintings that we see today.

Abstract Painting for Beginners

Learn the Art of Abstract Painting!

Is abstract painting difficult? That depends on who you are asking. There are a number of different types of abstract art, and they each come with their own challenges. Some abstract work can be very beautiful and thought-provoking. Others, not so much. If you just want to experiment painting various shapes and colors onto a canvas, then the process should be simple and straightforward. On the other hand, if you want to dig deep, and create an abstract work of art that is truly meaningful and appealing to the senses, you will need to put in some work. Whatever route you decide to take, the abstract painting instructional videos we have listed below will provide you with some excellent tips and pointers for getting started.

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First Steps in Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting for beginners - Demonstration in Acrylics

Easy Abstract Painting Demo

Easy Abstracts - How to create abstract art without thinking

How to paint a SIMPLE abstract: a step-by-step guide

Easy Abstract Painting for Beginners