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Acrylic Painting for Seniors and Beginners

If you have some level of artistic talent and are looking for a hobby that is both therapeutic and fun, give acrylic painting a try! Acrylic painting really isn’t that difficult. The paint is easy to work with and it’s very forgiving. In fact, most people who start painting, do so with acrylic paint, as painting with oil is much less forgiving, messy, and takes a long time to dry. The biggest challenges you will face when you take up painting are deciding which colors to use, knowing how to mix, blend, and layer colors, and knowing which paint brushes to use. But don’t overthink it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you are not going to be perfect and you can always correct your mistakes. If the master artists aren’t perfect!

Acrylic Painting for Seniors and Beginners

It's Never Too Late to Learn Acrylic Painting!

The best thing about acrylic painting is that you can paint anytime, anywhere, and anything you want. Plus, the cost of getting set up is minimal. There’s no better time than now to get started on your artistic journey. The videos we have listed below will give you a great introduction to beginner acrylic painting and will provide some insights into what paint colors, brushes, and painting techniques to use as a beginner.

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