An Easy Fundraising Idea to Help People Celebrate Special Occasions

Birthday Yard Signs

There is a tremendous opportunity for nonprofit organizations like schools, sports clubs, church groups and more to raise a significant amount of funds by providing a service that people are asking for, especially now with all of the social distancing protocols in place. An the best part is, you don’t really have to sell anything. The people come to you!

What we’re talking about here is providing a special occasion or celebration yard sign rental service. Except that as a nonprofit organization, you would more likely be asking for donations in an amount somewhere close to a typical yard sign rental.

Yard sign rentals are in high-demand and there’s no better time to get on board with this great fundraising opportunity than right now. Most cities throughout the U.S. only have one or two sign rental companies and many are currently booked out weeks in advance. Meaning that they can’t handle all of the orders.

What is a birthday yard sign service?

Before we get into details about costs, yard sign product inventory, finding customers, etc. let’s talk briefly about what a yard sign service is.

Celebration yard sign service companies place all types of special occasion signs on people’s front yards, putting them on display for everyone to see. No doubt you’ve seen these signs when driving through a neighborhood.

The signs are usually ordered by a family member or a friend who wants to surprise a loved-one with a special celebratory message that may include birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, new baby arrival announcements, graduation announcements, special thank you messages, welcome home messages and much more. The messaging possibilities are endless.

Realtors also rent them for open house and “welcome to your new home” messages. Schools and businesses also rent them for special announcements and messages.

The signs typically include 18” to 24” letters spelling out the message and other fun sign graphics themed to support the message such as balloons, hearts, stars, cakes, presents, etc.

The signs are generally made from sheets of high quality 4mm corrugated plastic which makes them waterproof and reusable.  If you order signs online for your yard sign service fundraiser, make sure you are ordering corrugated plastic for outdoor use.

How much money can you earn with a birthday yard sign fundraising service?

As with just about any fundraising opportunity, how much money you make is generally determined by how much work you’re willing to put into it and how many volunteers you have available to help.

Most special occasion yard sign rental companies charge customers anywhere between $80 and $125 for a 24-hour sign rental. This rental includes sign delivery, installation and pickup. Businesses serving larger metropolitan areas usually are able to charge more. As a nonprofit organization trying to raise much needed funds, people should have no problem donating the going market rate to your organization in return for the yard sign service.

If you choose to do just 1 installation a day, you could bring in $2,500 a month or more. Do 3 installations each day and you’re looking at a potential $7,500 per month or more. Install 5 per day, and you could bring in $12,500 or more per month.

The best part about this service is that your product is reusable. Once you purchase your initial signage, you won’t need to restock and replenish your inventory unless your signs suffer damage or you decide to expand and service more homes.

How much does it cost to start a yard sign fundraising service?

A complete yard sign starter kit can be purchased from the Victory Store for around $1,400. This kit should include everything you need as far as your signage goes. Another option is to just purchase letter sets and additional celebration signs separately. This will get you more customization options and you may receive the product quicker. 

You can also check out Amazon, Etsy and sites like for less expensive options. Just search for “birthday yard sign letters” and you should be able to pull up a list of what is available. Just make sure you purchase the plastic signs. Cheaper cardboard signs will not hold up for outdoor use.

Whichever way you decide to go with your initial sign purchase, you’ll probably need to invest between $700 and $1,500 on your initial signage, depending on the volume of signage you want to have on hand. Within a couple of weeks of posting signs, you should have your inventory paid off.

Marketing your yard card fundraising service

Building awareness for your yard sign fundraising service is very similar to building awareness for any other fundraising idea. You need to promote it! And the fastest and most affordable way to start promoting your yard sign service is right here on Fundippity.

We already have leads coming in daily from people all over the country wanting to rent signs. With your own Fundippity promotional page, you’ll be able to capture leads for the area you want to service. Just hit us up on our contact page if you are interested.

Whether you choose to have a page on Fundippity or choose to use your own website, you will also need to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you are unfamiliar with social media promotion, there are thousands of websites that can give you some good pointers. Just “Google” it.

Sample Business Page

Note: This is a sample business page. Your fundraising page will look similar but will include information about your organization or cause.