Where to Find Yard Sign Business Starter Kits

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When starting a yard sign rental business, the most important items you need to carry in your inventory are enough letters to spell out anything the customer wants for their specific messaging request. And you need to have enough letters so that you can overlap displays (meaning that you can rent more than 1 display at a time). Your options are either to purchase letters and numbers individually, or buy them as a package from a company that sells yard sign or yard card starter kits.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many options available when it comes to purchasing a yard sign starter kit for your new yard sign rental business. While there are a handful of printing companies that print yard sign letters, numbers, and various accent pieces, such as emojis, starbursts, candles, hearts, etc., they typically don’t produce them in bulk, and don’t offer discounted or wholesale pricing.

Precise letter cutting is one of the primary reasons why you won’t see big discounts offered. It takes special machinery to print and cut yard sign letters from 4mm corrugated plastic, and most printers who make these signs have to keep their prices high in order to make the process worth their while.

One well-established company that does offer several yard sign starter kit options is the Victory Store. Not only do they offer yard sign starter kits, but the price you will pay for each letter is typically lower than you would pay if you were buying them individually from another printer. The Victory Store is one of the very few printing companies that specialize in yard card greetings and custom yard signs.

The Victory Store offers yard sign starter kits with letters in a couple of different fonts and sizes. Most of their packages not only include letters, but also numbers, ordinal indicators such as “rd” “th” “st”, certain commonly used punctuation marks, and some other accent pieces that you will also need to get you started.

The cost per letter varies by size and package, but you will generally end up saving about 20% (Victory Store) vs. buying yard sign letters and numbers individually or at the typical standard retail rate. The standard retail rate for purchasing letters is anywhere between $8 and $12 per letter or number, depending on if you are looking at 18” or 24” tall displays.

You will find some cheaper letters at 12” high, however nobody will want to rent your signs if your letters and numbers aren’t at least 18” high. You also need to be aware that some of the cheaper yard signs and letters may be made of cardboard, so make sure that the manufacturer you purchase from is printing on weatherproof 4mm (or higher) corrugated plastic.

Here are a few examples of yard sign starter sets offered by the Victory Store which offer a substantial savings over other manufacturers or purchasing pieces individually. Note that the larger start up kits will generally include multiples of the most commonly used letters and numbers.

Starter Kit Options from the Victory Store on Amazon

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If you are starting this business on a budget, we recommend starting with the option to rent birthday yard signs, and then expand to offer graduation, anniversaries, baby announcements, welcome home signs, good luck signs, and more. Even though you may start off specializing in birthday announcements, you should have enough letters and accent pieces to do other custom messaging yard sign displays.

Also. Keep in mind that you will suffer loss of inventory due to sign damage, theft, etc. Be sure you have enough inventory to cover your needs. Even though you will be making a large initial investment, these yard letters and numbers are reusable and will pay for themselves in no time!