Hosting an art exhibit with an auction can result in a very fun and successful fundraiser for your organization, especially if you live in an “artsy” community. The basic fundraising idea is to get the local artists to donate one or more paintings or works of art to your cause, which you can either sell or auction off at your event. You will need to find local artists within your community who would be willing to donate some of their work in return for exposure. Shouldn’t be a problem as there are many starving artists out there.

The great thing about an art exhibit and auction is that you can host it just about anywhere you can hang art on a wall.

You’ll need to send out personal invitations to community leaders, print up some “artsy” flyers (or posters to display around town) and start promoting your event on social media at least one month in advance of the actual event date.

Invite the artists to attend the event, which will give them the opportunity to mingle and discuss their art with other attendees. You’ll need food and drinks and you’ll need to look into event insurance for the evening, especially if you plan on displaying some high-priced pieces of art. In addition to making revenue off of the sale of art, you can also charge a small admission fee to help cover your food and drink costs.