Ball Drop Fundraiser

We’ve all seen or heard about the famous helicopter ball drop onto the golf course where the person who bought the ball which lands closest to the hole or marker wins. Well, assuming you can’t afford to hire a helicopter, you can accomplish the same thing by dropping balls off of a roof top of one of your local businesses (or get your local fire department involved and have them rig something up). If you are doing it over a grassy area, golf balls will work fine, but if you are doing it over concrete, you’ll need to find something less bouncy to drop.

Mark your balls with numbers and sell them for a $5 donation per ball (or whatever you see fit). Allow people to buy as many balls as the wish. Get some local businesses to sponsor the event and award prizes for the top 3, 5 or even 10 balls that land closest to the marker. The more prizes you offer, the more donations you will be able to collect. For fun, you can even award a prize to the owner of the ball that lands farthest away from the marker. Ask businesses to donate the prizes.

You can purchase cheap plastic balls in bulk from numerous online stores. If you plan to use golf balls, you might want to check with a local golf course to see if you can borrow a couple buckets of range balls.

Promotion will be the key to having a successful ball drop event. Create your posters and flyers 1 to 2 months in advance of the event and do your best to get local media involved and on site. Create a sign-up form on your website or social media account where people can select the number of balls they wish to purchase. Have fun!