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Barre Workout for Seniors

Unless you’ve been living alone isolated in the woods these past couple of years, you’ve no doubt heard of barre exercises or barre classes. Barre exercises typically combine techniques that are used in yoga, ballet, and Pilates, to develop strength and flexibility in various muscle groups throughout the body. These exercises are often broken out into working different sections of muscle while focusing on small, pulsing movements with emphasis on form, alignment and core engagement.

Barre Workout for Seniors

Improve Strength and Flexibility

In addition to being a fun workout, barre exercises offer many benefits. With a proper barre workout, you’ll be able to increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, build endurance, and even improve your posture. And the good news for seniors is that these workouts are generally gentle on the joints. If you’re looking for a great all around strength and flexibility exercise, give barre a try!

The instructional videos listed below are a great way to introduce yourself to learning barre exercises. Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise. Do not perform any exercise that you are uncomfortable with or that causes you pain. If you have a question regarding your ability, it is best to check with your doctor. None of the videos listed below are a substitute for professional medical treatment, diagnosis, or advice. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or discomfort, stop the exercise immediately and consult a medical professional.

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