Simply the Best Small Business Ideas

Check out our growing list below of business startup ideas that require very little in terms of startup capital investment and most can be started in a relatively short period of time. 

Small Business Ideas

Do you have a passion for fashion? Start a business helping other people figure out what to buy and what to wear. Not everyone is a style genius and there are many people who will pay for great fashion advice.  You can start a wardrobe or style consultant business right from your home as a virtual consultant. Using online video chatting software, you can meet with clients from all over the country and provide recommendations for styles and looks that might work best for them. Putting together a stylish website with some looks you’ve put together will get your off to a great start. 

There is always room for more educational tutoring help. If you have expertise in any core school subject like algebra, geometry, calculus, chemistry, biology, etc., you can start an online tutoring business. With a basic website and online video chatting software, you can schedule appointments with anyone who needs help with their homework. 

A big trend in the eCommerce business is the selling of online subscription boxes, The great thing about creating subscription boxes is that you can theme your product towards just about any specific niche group. You can create boxes filled with beauty products, baby items, sports items, and more. This business will cost a little more up front, as you will need to purchase some inventory. To get started, just visit Shopify and browse through some of their eCommerce website templates and check out Amazon for some ideas on products you can put together to create a theme. There are also several online suppliers of inexpensive boxes that you can use for packaging. 

This business startup idea is perfect for anyone who loves meeting new people and knows their city inside and out. The great thing about being a tour guide is that your job will never be boring! There are many possibilities for types of tours you can create, including general city tours, architectural tours, historical tours, outdoor adventure tours, foodie tours and much more. There will always be travelers looking for a great city guide. Put together a list of tours that you want to create, get a basic website created and check with your city for any required permits that you will be needing. 

Do you play an instrument? Or rather…do you play an instrument well? If so, then you should definitely consider starting an online music lessons business. There are hundreds of people around the country searching Google for guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, cello lessons, violin lessons, etc. You name any instrument and there are people willing to pay for lessons. With a basic website and online video chatting software, you can schedule online appointments with anyone around the country (or the world). 

If you’re into fitness, then starting a business where people can tune into scheduled fitness live stream workouts in a no brainer. With a basic website and online video chatting software, you can schedule your classes at any time and build a loyal following. Do solo workouts or go bigger and live stream fitness dance workouts with a group. You can also turn your workouts into videos for purchase or offered as part of a subscription package. 

Are you one of those people who pull out an envelope full of coupons every time you visit the store? If so, you may want to consider making a business out of it. Couponing is big right now and there are thousands of people looking for advice on how save. With a basic website, you can create a couponing blog, a membership subscription service, an email subscription service or host regular group chat sessions. 

There are thousands of people around the globe searching Google for all types of language lessons including Spanish, English, French, German, Mandarin, Hindi, Italian, etc. Name any language and there are people willing to pay for lessons. If you speak 2 or more languages fluently, you can make a business out of it. With a basic website and online video chatting software, you’ll be on your way. Provide one to one lessons or group lessons. 

Businesses around the world rely on translation services to translate important documents and materials needed to conduct international business. And many pay quite well for these services. It’s easy to get started with a simple website and a plan for getting the word out about your service. 

Content writing is a crowded marketplace with thousands of freelance writers offering up their services for writing blogs, press releases, articles, white papers, advertising copy, brochures and even books. So where’s the opportunity? Just because there are thousands of writers out there doesn’t mean they are all good. In fact, the majority are not. If you are a great writer and can prove it to businesses looking for writing help, you have a great chance at creating a successful writing business. 

The days of travel agents are pretty much gone, which leaves most travelers resorting to online reviews as their only means of travel planning advice. While online reviews of places to go and things to see are great, they don’t help much in the way of suggested itineraries or actual trip planning information. If you know the ins and outs of travel and are good at navigating through an endless supply of travel information available on the web, you can start a business by helping other people plan their vacations. 

Sports are big business and a big part of that big business is parents paying for sports lessons for their kids. With the rapid expansion of club programs throughout the U.S., parents are doing everything they can just so their kids can keep pace with other young athletes. Finding expert help is a top priority. If you have expertise in a particular sport like baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, lacrosse, etc., you can easily start up a business for giving lessons. Even if you don’t have any expertise but still love sports, you can create an online business that pairs up trainers and coaches with anyone needing lessons. 

Do you have a penchant or knack for interior design and decoration? Do you spend hours browsing through interior home design websites and magazines? If this sounds like you, then starting a home decorating service would make a lot of sense. There are a number approaches you can take with this type of business. You can offer virtual services where people can send you pictures of their home and you can offer suggestions for improvement. You can do the same thing with a live video chat service where you can virtually walk through homes with clients. You can even offer home decor shopping services where you pick out items perfect for each home. If you want to stick with local clients, you can set up appointments for in home visits. 

If you’re into yoga and considering starting a business, you’ve likely already considered opening a yoga studio. But did you know there is a better option with less financial risk? With a basic website and video chatting software, you can host yoga classes online or schedule one to one individual sessions with anyone from anywhere in the world without having to worry about monthly studio rental fees. 

The benefits of meditation are well documented and there is growing demand for classes and instruction on this popular method of mindful relaxation. If you are skilled in the practice of meditation, you can easily start a business which offers online or virtual meditation classes and one on one instruction to people all over the country. A basic website and some video chatting software are all you need to get started. 

Tai Chi is known around the world for its health benefits and assistance in relieving stress, which is why it’s becoming one of the most practiced exercises in the world. And it’s not just the elderly taking up this popular pastime, millennials are joining in on the fun as well. If you are skilled in the practice of Tai Chi or are willing to get skilled,  you can easily start a business which offers online or virtual classes and one on one instruction to people all over the country. A basic website and some video chatting software are all you need to get started. 

With the growing popularity of video marketing, the demand for video editors is at an all time high. Even if you don’t have video editing skills but have some creative and technical ability, you should be able to learn to edit without too much trouble. Most of the online video editing software programs have very friendly user interfaces and are relatively easy to learn. Once you set up your business structure, get yourself a basic website and create an account with a video editing platform.

The idea here is not so much about giving online singing lessons yourself, although you certainly can if you have the talent to do so. The idea for this business is to create a website where you can match instructors to students. You collect fees either from instructors who want to promote their singing lessons or from the students who want to receive the singing lessons. 

Helping people discover their roots is big business. If you’ve had great success researching your own family tree and loved pouring through birth records, marriage records, military records, death records, etc., why not start an online business where you can help other people trace their roots? A basic website and some online promotion explaining your services is all you need to get started. 

Starting an online gift baskets ecommerce store will require more upfront costs than some other online businesses due to the costs of purchasing inventory and packaging, However, the opportunity to create a successful gift baskets business is as strong as ever. Every day, thousands of people are searching Google for gift ideas and many of those searches involve gift baskets. You can create themed gift baskets to target specific niches or just go with broader selections. Do some online research and see what type of gift baskets are selling the best. Visit Shopify to learn how easy it is to use their platform to create an ecommerce store. Purchase your items in bulk or via wholesale. 

Do you know wine? If so, you can start an online business offering advice, tips and more about wine tasting, wine buying, wine pairing, and / or travel through wine country. You don’t have to be a wine snob, just have an appreciation for wine and to be able to research and write content that wine lovers and wine novices will want to read. Once your audience builds, you can generate revenue through advertising by signing up with Google AdSense or another ad publishing platform. 

Starting a pet sitting or dog walking business is usually one of the first new business ideas people think of when deciding to start a new business with little to no investment. That’s great, but it’s probably not going to make you rich. Just as with babysitting and house sitting, there are thousands of people around the country already offering these services. With this in mind, why not start an online business that matches up dog walkers and pet sitters with people looking for these services? There are a handful of very successful websites that do this, but there is always room for more, especially if you initially focus on your local market and grow from there. 

There are two ways to go about starting an online business dedicated to teaching acting. One way is to get a website and offer acting lessons either in person (local appointments made through your website) or through virtual classes and instruction which gives you access to a national audience. Of course, you will need to have had some professional training in acting. Another approach that doesn’t require you to have acting experience is to create an online business that matches up acting instructors with students looking for lessons. Collect referral fees from either the students or the instructors.