Everyone loves getting balloons on their birthday, so why not create a fundraiser that helps deliver balloons to birthday boys and girls of all ages throughout your community? This is a really simple fundraiser to set up, and it’s one that you can run all year (and beyond). 

All you need to do to get started is purchase 17” or 18” mylar balloons online from a bulk retailer. You can purchase a wide-variety of balloons with different birthday designs for anywhere between $0.50 and $1.00 each. These are balloons that sell for $5.00 or more at the grocery store when filled with helium. It’s best to look at the available balloon designs prior to ordering and decide which ones you want to put together to create your multi-balloon bouquets. You can go with all prints, or mix up your bouquets with some solid colors. Your bouquets should contain 5 balloons at a minimum. 

Find a local helium tank supplier who rents out helium tanks by the month. You should be able to fill each balloon for around $1 (helium cost). In total, a 5-balloon bouquet should cost you between $10 – $12 for the balloons and helium. A 7-balloon bouquet should cost you between $14 – $16. Add another $1.50 to each bouquet for the ribbons and balloon weight. The good news is that you’ll be able to ask anywhere between $50 and $70 for a delivered balloon bouquet! Of course, you will need to have a crew of volunteers ready to make deliveries on scheduled days. 

For this easy and profitable fundraiser you’ll be taking orders well in advance of delivery dates. This will give you time to schedule deliveries and keep track of inventory. One person may sign up to have you deliver 5 or more balloon bouquets to friends and family throughout the year.