This fundraiser idea requires a small upfront investment, but it has the chance to pay off big in the long run. Have you ever driven by a house that has a big “Happy Birthday” spelled out in the front lawn? Chances are you have, because a lot of people pay good money to rent out these yard signs and letters from small yard sign rental companies. 

Due to high-demand, many yard sign rental businesses are booked full with orders a month or more in advance. This leaves the door wide-open for your organization to hit the ground running by providing the same services on a smaller scale. You’ll have an advantage over the yard sign rental companies, since many people would rather see their money go to support a charitable organization. 

The signs are usually ordered by a family member or a friend who wants to surprise a loved-one with a special celebratory message that may include birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, new baby arrival announcements, graduation announcements, special thank you messages, welcome home messages and much more. The messaging possibilities are endless. You can focus your efforts on providing signs for any occasion, or just for birthdays. 

The signs typically include 18” to 24” letters spelling out the message and other fun sign graphics themed to support the message such as balloons, hearts, stars, cakes, presents, etc.

The signs are generally made from sheets of high quality 4mm corrugated plastic which makes them waterproof and reusable. 

Most special occasion yard sign rental companies charge customers anywhere between $80 and $125 for a 24-hour sign rental. This rental includes sign delivery, installation and pickup. Businesses serving larger metropolitan areas usually are able to charge more. Given that you would be working with volunteers, you can set your rate at whatever you feel comfortable with. 

The best part about this business is that your product is reusable. Once you purchase your initial signage, you won’t need to restock and replenish your inventory unless your signs suffer damage or you decide to expand and service more homes.

Yard sign letters and displays can be purchased on Amazon or Etsy. You can easily make this fundraising program part of your ongoing fundraiser arsenal. If you do this fundraiser, be sure to get the word out. You’ll have the opportunity to sign people up for displays all year long.