Another tried and true fundraiser is the good old used book sale. Collecting used books to sell from donations is usually an easy task as long as you have a means of getting the word out. Everyone has books to get rid of. You’ll need a good group of volunteers and a large enough space to hold the event. Unless you know for sure that it’s not going to rain on the day of your book sale event, you may want to host it indoors.

As far as pricing your books goes, you’ll want to keep them low ($1 to $2 per paperback and $3 to $4 per hard cover) or you’ll end up with a lot of leftover books that you’ll need to find a home for.

Try and add some excitement to your book sale event by adding a theme. Remember, your book sale is going to attract book lovers, so think about a theme based on popular authors or book series like Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Divergent or Twilight if your raising funds for your school or youth group. Or for older audiences, think Stephen King, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Nora Roberts, Dan Brown or Nicholas Sparks. The thematic opportunities are endless.

For some extra revenue for your group, club or organization, set up a table to sell coffee and baked goods. Both go excellent with books. And remember, promotion is everything. Be sure to print up your flyers and posters at least 1-month prior to the date of your event and post them all over town. Especially in places where you are likely to find readers.