Need a fundraiser idea that’ll perk up your community? Host a fresh brewed coffee tasting event featuring a wide-variety of different coffee blends from different parts of the world. Imagine the aroma of more than 100 varieties of coffee being ground and brewed up all in one place – your event facility.

One of the best things about this fundraising idea is that a bag of coffee beans goes a long way, and there is no shortage of bean varieties available for you to purchase. Most specialty grocery stores carry a large supply. You can also order any variety of coffee beans that you want online. You can of course try and get the coffee beans donated, but given that your actual out-of-pocket costs per cup of coffee will be so low, it probably isn’t necessary. We do however recommend that you get several quality coffee brewers loaned out for the event. You can return them the next day.

As long as you have access to electrical outlets or power generators, you can host your BREW-Haha just about anywhere you wish, including parks, gymnasiums, street sidewalks, and more. Let people taste as many different coffee varieties as they wish in return for a donation to your cause. You can also get vendors to sell bagels, muffins, cookies, and other food treats. Try and get some event sponsors as well.

Be sure to contact your local city or county for any needed permits. You’ll want to start promoting this event at least 1-month in advance. Place posters all over town, contact your local media, and be sure to create some clever social media posts. We highly recommend hosting your event on a Saturday from about 7am to 2pm.