Buying a Domain Name - Get Your Domain Name Secured

The Small Business Startup Guide

Regardless of whether or not you plan to have a website for your business, we recommend purchasing a domain name associated with your business. A domain name (your website address) only costs around $15 per year and it’s definitely worth the investment, especially if you have a great name for your business and don’t want to have someone else capitalize on it and start stealing your website traffic.

Buying a Domain Name

For example, if you named your business “Samantha’s Tea Hut”, you would want to purchase, just so no one else can take that domain name (assuming it’s available). The last thing you want is for people to search for your business online and have someone else’s business pop up. Securing your domain will also prevent domain squatters from buying the same domain name and sitting on it until your decide you need a website. At which time, they will happily sell it back to you at a huge profit!

To get your domain name secured, just go to Google Domains, conduct a search for your preferred domain name and if it’s available, purchase it. Plus, Google Domains offers privacy protection at no additional charge for most domain endings.

When purchasing a domain name, you’ll definitely want to make sure you get the .com ending. Even though your website will still be indexed and rank on google search listings if you have an alternate domain ending. Everyone’s preferred go-to domain ending is still .com and they will naturally type that into a search bar when looking for your website. You don’t really need to worry about purchasing other domain name endings such as .net, ,site, .info, .biz, etc. unless you have the budget to do so. If you are setting up a non-profit business, you may want to consider purchasing the .org ending.

Don’t be surprised if your domain name is not available. It doesn’t automatically mean that someone has a business with that name. Domain squatters have purchased thousands of domain names that they believe someone will eventually want. If you do find this to be the case with your desired domain name, you’ll have to consider adding, removing, or lengthening, or shortening words in your domain until you find one that’s available.

Please note, that if you do choose to have a website for your business, most website hosting companies allow you to purchase domain names directly through them. It can be easier to connect your domain to your hosting service by going through the hosting company, but make sure your understand the company’s domain renewal rates.