The idea behind this fantastic fundraiser is to host a dinner gala or luncheon and charge people to attend the event. What makes this fundraiser unique, is that the menu is created by one of your city’s well-known celebrity chefs.

Every city and town of decent size has a few well-known chefs who run their own popular restaurants. You just need to convince one of those “celebrity” chefs to help out your cause by creating a dinner or lunch menu. Even better if they want to oversee the food preparation, lend out one or more of their restaurant chefs, and attend the event.

You have the option of making your fundraiser a fancy, high-priced event, or you can tone things down and make it a less-expensive buffet style-event. What you serve, is up to you and your celebrity chef. You will need to get as many food items donated as possible. You will also need to secure a facility with a kitchen (or have the food catered and delivered) that is large enough to hold your anticipated guest count.

Most organizations that hold these types of fundraisers, also host a raffle at the event. For example, if your food is Italian style, then you could raffle (or auction) off a trip to Italy, or some high-priced bottles of Italian wine. Maybe even a dinner for two at your celebrity chef’s restaurant?

Associating the fundraiser with a well-known chef will inspire more people to attend. It would be great if you can have your celebrity chef say a few words at the event and do a meet-and-greet with the guests.

Be sure to include mention of the celebrity chef in your fundraiser promotional materials. Good luck!

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