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Charcoal Drawing for Seniors and Beginners

Charcoal presents a unique look and texture when applied to paper. Artists like drawing with charcoal for its versatility when drawing. You can smudge, shade, draw hard lines, and draw soft lines without the need for additional materials. Be aware however that if you are a beginner, drawing with charcoal can be a bit messy and unforgiving at times. Softer charcoal produces the richest color, but can smudge easily, which is great if you are going for that effect but can be hard to undo if you make a mistake. Harder charcoal produces thinner and lighter lines, which is good for drawing out shapes. Most beginners start with harder charcoal.

Charcoal Drawing for Beginners

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If you are considering taking up charcoal drawing as a hobby, you’re making a great decision. As with any form of art, the process of creating something from scratch can be very therapeutic and stress relieving. The videos we have listed below will give you a very good introduction to this popular art form and the hosts will give you some great pointers, tips, and advice on how to begin your journey as a charcoal drawing artist. Just don’t expect to be great right out of the box. It takes time and practice to excel at this hobby and produce works of art that anyone would be proud to display.

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