Caroling…caroling through the snow…

No matter what time of year it is, it can’t hurt to be thinking about your next Christmas fundraiser. How about bringing some holiday spirit to your community by holding a Christmas carolers fundraiser where teams of carolers compete to see who is best?

You’ll want to hold your Christmas carolers fundraising contest in a public area, where teams will compete one following the other. You will need access to a small stage and some sound equipment. You can host the event in downtown areas, parks, churches, malls, schools, event centers, etc.  You should have no problems finding a location.

Have each group sing 1 or 2 songs (you can assign the songs or let them choose when they sign up for the event). At the event area, have a table set up with a donation box for each individual group. Have your event emcee (announcer) encourage people to donate to your cause at the table for the act or acts they like best. You can award a prize to the winner. You might be able to find a wedding DJ with equipment who can work your event at a discount (as there are fewer weddings this time of year). Generate even more revenue by selling Christmas cookies, coffee and hot chocolate.

This is a great fundraising idea for schools, organizations and clubs that have the ability to recruit volunteers and have a good audience base to help get the word out. Be sure to take advantage of social media opportunities.