A great holiday fundraising idea is to create a contest where participants create miniature Christmas villages using only homemade items and items found in nature.

Everyone must set up their display on a standard square board (plywood, etc.) about 4’ x 4’ (or whatever you’ll have room for). Allow the use of battery operated low voltage lights. You will need access to a facility large enough to hold all of the finished displays. Allow people 1 to 2 weeks to work on their projects at home and give them a day to set up their display pieces on their board inside your facility. You can set whatever rules you like, such as all displays must be made from items found in nature.

Once the deadline has been met, and all displays are set up, invite the public to view the displays (request donations for admission) and vote on which displays they like best. You can set up different award categories. Get sponsors for the fundraising contest, sell food and drinks and generate even more revenue. Be sure to play Christmas music to get people in the mood.