A great way to pull the community together and generate revenue for your club, group or organization is to host a Treasure Hunt. The concept is easy; you simply hide various prize vouchers around town and provide participants with clues as to how to find them. It’s best if you don’t actually hide the prizes, but rather a voucher for each prize (this keeps non-participants from collecting any prizes).

What’s great about this fun fundraising idea is that you can tie it in with numerous local businesses by hiding vouchers in their stores. This brings a lot of awareness to the merchant’s store and actually gets people in the door to check them out. You can even post clues on social media as the participants are out scouting for the prize vouchers.

Earn revenue by charging a participation fee (donation). Ask merchants to donate prizes (these could be services as well, like a free spa service or haircut, etc.). Whoever finds a voucher, wins that prize. You can keep participants updated on social media whenever a prize is won, so they know to stop looking for that particular voucher. Require participants to notify you immediately by text or social media that they found a voucher.

You’ll want to start promoting your treasure hunt at least 1-month in advance (2 months is ideal). Add a sign up form to your website. Be sure to promote heavily on all your social media channels. Also, create some fun and creative posters and flyers that you can place throughout the community.