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Coin Collecting for Seniors and Beginners

Coin collecting has been around as a hobby ever since there were coins to collect. The thrill of collecting comes in knowing that you own a beautiful piece of history that will likely appreciate in value over time. Today, there are millions of coin collectors (also known as Numismatists) around the world, and thousands of collector’s clubs that these hobbyists belong to. Coin collecting is a hobby that will no doubt, stand the test of time.

Coin Collecting for Beginners

Coin Collecting is a Great Hobby for Seniors!

Be wary of who you buy coins from. The chances of getting rich quick off of coin collecting is not going to happen. There are unscrupulous coin dealers both on and off line that will not hesitate to pass off their fake coins for a lot of money to unsuspecting newbie collectors. Building a solid collection of coins takes time. Do you research and make sure you know what you are doing. If you have no idea where to start, begin with some low investment options and build your collection from there. Many people start their collections with wheat pennies, Indian Head pennies, commemorative coin sets from the U.S. mint, American silver dollars, and others. Before you get started building your collection, we recommend you watch these videos below which will introduce you to this fascinating hobby.

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