Community Treasure Hunt Fundraiser

Community Treasure Hunt Fundraiser

X Marks the Spot! A great way to pull the community together and generate revenue for your club, group or organization is to host a Town Treasure Hunt fundraising event.

The concept is easy; you simply hide various objects around town and provide participants with clues as to how to find them and whoever find each prize, wins it! It’s best if you don’t actually hide the prizes, but rather a voucher for each prize. This eliminates the chance of non-participants collecting the prizes. You can require that participants sign up in groups, as individuals, or both.

You can tie-in with local merchants by hiding vouchers at their places of business. Ask merchants for prize donations (these could be services as well, like a free spa service or haircut, etc. They should be happy to offer something to support your cause, especially if you include them in your promotional flyers). Just make sure the prizes are worthwhile.

A treasure hunt fundraiser is by no means a new idea. It’s worked successfully for years. But the great thing about it, is that you can add whatever twist you want to the event. You can incorporate mobile phone GPS technology to direct people to certain areas of town. You can require that they take selfies in each business or part of town they search in and post the pictures to social media. You can theme your treasure hunt fundraiser to fit your cause. For example, if you are raising money for an animal shelter, you can hide a prize voucher near a fire hydrant (dogs) or inside of a pet store or at a dog park. If you are raising funds for a sports club, you can theme all of your prizes towards sports. You get the idea. Be creative and you’ll have people coming back each year. Charge each participant an entry fee.

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