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Composting for Beginners

Composting can be a lot of fun and beneficial not only for your garden, but for the environment as well (if done correctly by exposing your compost to oxygen). According to a 2018 report from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, food waste accounted for 24% of trash sent to landfills. Composting is not a difficult process once you know the basics, but it does take time and patience while you wait for the breakdown of organic material to magically turn into fertile soil.

Composting for Beginners

Composting is Great for Gardens and the Environment!

Today, thousands of people have made a hobby out of composting. People who garden often do their own composting as it improves nutrients in the soil, improves water retention, and reduces waste. Plus it saves them money over having to buy expensive fertilizer. There are a variety of different ways to compost, so before you start, we suggest watching a few of the ‘how to compost’ videos we have listed below where you can pick up some excellent pointers from composting experts.

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