DIY Coupon Book Fundraiser

Coupon Book Fundraiser

Earn more profits for your club, group or organization by launching your own DIY coupon book fundraiser.

Everyone loves to get a great deal and every business could use more customers. That’s why creating a coupon book is such a great fundraising idea. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially for your nonprofit group. The idea for creating your own coupon book is simple and allows you the potential to earn more revenue than you would by purchasing your coupon books through a national distributor where your net profit may only amount to 50% of the price you sell them for.

Getting started with your coupon book

To get started on creating your coupon book, you’ll want to come up with a standard size for each coupon. This will allow for each standalone coupon to be bound within your book. We recommend 8.5” wide by 3.67” high or 1/3 the size of a standard sheet of paper (allowing about ½” space on the left side of the coupon for binding).

Get in touch with a freelance graphic designer to make a sell sheet for you with some sample coupons included. You will need this in order for local businesses to see what they will be getting in return for their offer.

Determine how many local business offers you will need to get in order to make your coupon book valuable enough for consumers to want to purchase it while generating enough profit for your group. If you only get 10 offers, the book won’t be of much value. But if you get 50 or more local offers with a retail value between $500 – $1,000 (value of money-saving offers within the book), you will significantly improve your chances for success and be able to price your book accordingly. 

Since each coupon will need to be designed, we recommend having your designer create a coupon template which includes a place for 1 image, business logo, offer headline, offer details, legal disclaimers and business address. This will save you the hassle of having to create and pay for unique individual designs for each separate coupon. The participating business will provide you with the details on the sell sheet.

With each offer that you get, you are essentially creating a contract with the business owner that they will honor and accept the coupon in their place of business from the time you launch the program to the end date that they specify on the coupon. Make sure they sign off on the commitment. Keep end dates in mind when selling your books. You want to give people enough time (3 months minimum) to be able to redeem an offer. So if the majority of your offers expire 1-year from the date you launch the fundraiser, do not continue to sell in months 10, 11 and 12.

Estimating Costs and Profit

Based on 500 books with 50 coupons…

Your printing(and binding) costs will likely run about $4.00 per book which should get you a glossy full-color (4/C) cover with 2-color interior tear away coupons.

Allocate approximately $2 per book for design and coordination

Total estimated cost: $6.00 per book plus around $100 shipping (500 books will be heavy) nets out to around $3,100.

If you price each book at $20.00 and sold 500 books, your net profit would be $10,000 revenue less $3,100 cost = $6,900

One great thing about doing a coupon book fundraiser is that you can run it over a period of several months. This gives you the opportunity to sell more books and net a greater profit. Remember, the better your coupon offers are and the more relevant they are to people within your community, the faster you will sell out.  Be sure to create flyers that you can post around town (including within participating businesses) and have an option for people to order your books online.


Typical Coupon Offers

  • Buy One Get One
  • 50% off
  • 25% off
  • Free Item With Purchase
  • $10 Voucher
  • 2 for 1


Type of Local Businesses to Call On

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food
  • Coffee Shops
  • Beauty / Salon Services
  • Boutiques
  • Local Retail (book stores, flower shops, bakeries, etc.)
  • Hotels
  • Amusement Parks – Facilities
  • Movie Theatres
  • Bowling and Other Entertainment Venues
  • Cleaning Services
  • Car Wash / Oil Change Services
  • And anywhere else you can think of!