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Craft Fair Fundraiser

People have been hosting craft fair fundraisers for years. Why you ask? Because they can be easy to set up and fun to put on. There are many websites that go into great detail about setting up a craft fair. Craft fairs typically work best around the holiday season but you can host one any time of year and have success.

If your group or organization is creative, you’ll be able to create your own crafts to sell. The great thing about hosting a craft fair fundraiser is that you can theme the event to just about anything you want. The more unique, the better. If you’re raising funds for an animal shelter, you can create items specifically designed around animals, such as blinged-out collars. If you’re hosting the event prior to a holiday, just theme your crafts to that holiday (custom Christmas ornaments, Halloween decorations, custom Easter baskets, etc.). You can even take advantage of trends, like selling only eco-friendly crafted items. You get the idea.

A good idea to implement with any craft fair would be to have some craft experts on hand to give demonstrations or classes during the event. Doing so will draw more interest in your event. Talk with your local craft stores to find experts and possibly sponsor your event.

A craft fair is a great fundraising idea for schools, churches, clubs, cancer charities and many other types of organizations. Just be sure to come up with a clever name for your craft fair, as you may have a lot of competition, especially during the holiday season.