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Cross Stitch for Beginners

Cross stitch is one of the oldest forms of embroidery dating as far back as the Middle-Ages. Cross stitching has been traditionally used as a means of decorating common household items made of woven-fabrics, however today it’s popular for creating stand-alone framed pieces of art using a pre-designed pattern on a piece of open weave fabric such as Aida or linen, which can be stitched over. It consists mainly of X-shaped stitches and is plotted a lot like a grid.

Cross Stitch for Beginners

A Popular Stress Reducing Hobby!

Cross stitch is one of the easiest forms of hand embroidery to learn and is a very popular hobby and activity for seniors. Not only will you be able to create some amazing designs, you’ll find that cross stitching helps relieve stress and improves cognitive function. The videos that we have listed below with instruction from cross stitch experts are a great way to introduce yourself to the basics of this popular and relaxing activity. Get started with cross stitch today!

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