Every pet owner thinks they have the world’s cutest pet. Give them a chance to prove it by holding a Cutest Pet Contest fundraiser. This traditional fundraising idea works great for any type of club, group or organization that loves animals. There are two ways to think about hosting a cutest pet contest. You can host it online by having people submit entries of their pets, or make an event out of it and host it in a park. If you do it online, you have the opportunity to have people submit pet pictures for an entire month or longer. Hosting a one-day event in a park could be more fun, but will take a lot more time and effort putting everything together.

Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll want to ask each pet owner who submits a photo or enters their pet into the contest for a small donation fee. Put together a panel of judges who will make the final determination as to who wins and award donated prizes to the winners. You can create multiple pet categories to increase participation. For extra revenue, find some local businesses to sponsor the event. Any business that sells pet food or supplies or caters to pets in any way is a good sponsorship target.

You’ll want to start promoting this fundraiser at least 2-months in advance if you plan to set it up as a 1-day outdoor event. Be sure to promote heavily on all your social media channels. Also, create posters and flyers that you can place throughout the community.