We’re talking about the stars in the sky, not the stars in Hollywood. Unless of course, you happen to live in Malibu or Beverly Hills and run in those circles. This fundraising idea involves a catered dinner outdoors under the stars. You will need to have an area set up for dancing, and be able to string up some lights above the dance area (creates a more romantic “under the stars” atmosphere). Have a DJ available to spin some classic Sinatra – Michael Bublé style tunes (or whatever your music style preference). Find a local party planner who can help you pull the event together. They will be able to help you locate a facility, plan the menu, hire a DJ, and get everything set up. If you are on a small budget and have your own facility, that will work also.

You will need to plan your night under the stars fundraiser well in advance. The fancier you make the event, the more you will be able to charge. You can also theme your event. Think Great Gatsby, Casa Blanca, etc. Coming up with a good theme will add a little spice to your event. Make some creative invitations and mail them out at least two months in advance, as you will need RSVP’s. Plan out all of your potential expenses and charge accordingly so that you can make a nice profit for your club, group or organization. Have fun and be sure to let us know how your event went!