The coupon book fundraising idea has been around for years. In fact, there are a few fundraising companies that have pre-made coupon books available that you can purchase and then re-sell. But if your fundraising budget is tight, consider the do-it-yourself coupon book option.

All you need for this fundraiser is a local printer, someone who can do some easy design work, and some volunteers to visit local businesses and ask for offers to support your coupon book. You should get some good responses if they know it’s for a charitable cause. Or, to make things even easier…skip the printer, print and cut the coupons yourself, and put the coupons in envelopes (like the ValPak offers everyone gets in the mail).

Try and collect 25 to 50 coupon offers. Good targets include hair salons, spa’s, yogurt shops, restaurants, home service companies, local boutiques, etc. The better the offers you are able to compile, the higher you can price your coupon books or envelopes. For example, if you have $500 worth of coupons in your book, you should be able to charge up to $20 to $25 per book.

Check with your local printer regarding prices to print your desired quantity of coupon books. Set your completed coupon book sales price accordingly and let your volunteers get to work selling them throughout the community. Be sure that you get the required legal copy for each coupon from each business that participates (such as the offer end date and any other stipulations that go along with the offer).