Donate Work Time Fundraiser

What better way to raise money than to have people donate their time at work? Visit local area business owners and set up a special week where employees can donate 30 minutes or 1 hour of extra time at work.

Instead of the employees getting paid, the money they would normally earn during their volunteered time is given to your charitable cause. You will find that many employees will be willing to volunteer an extra 30 minutes of time to support a good cause. Business owners still get the benefit of the employee work time, so you should have no trouble convincing the owners to participate. Employees would sign up in advance to contribute their time at some point during a one week period when your event takes place. You might even be able to convince the business owners to match funds.

At the end of the week, you can host a party and invite everyone who contributed. This is a great fundraising idea for just about any type of group, club, school or organization. It can even work well for individuals, as you really don’t need a lot of volunteers to run or manage the event. Getting businesses on board is your only real challenge, and that should be easy. This is a fundraising event you can do each year.