Eco-Friendly Fundraisers

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Fundippity's Fabulous Eco-Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Below you’ll find some great Eco-friendly fundraiser ideas that in one form or another help the environment.

Ultimate Survivor Fundraiser

Who will be the last person standing? Survival contests are all the rage, so why not take advantage of the popularity and create your own ultimate...

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Themed Photo Contest Fundraiser

The traditional photo contest has been a popular fundraising idea for years and it can be successful if executed properly. If you’re planning on hosting a...

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Puppy Play Time Fundraiser

Puppy Play Time has been a proven successful fundraiser for organizations involving families. The idea behind this fundraiser is to contact local animal shelters and see...

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Book Sale Fundraiser

Another tried and true fundraiser is the good old used book sale. Collecting used books to sell from donations is usually an easy task as long...

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Fitness Boot Camp Fundraiser

Fitness boot camps are very popular these days, so why not leverage all of this momentum and create a fundraiser? This type of fundraiser will work...

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Craft Fair Fundraiser

People have been hosting craft fair fundraisers for years. Why you ask? Because they can be easy to set up and fun to put on. There...

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