There are many options available for hosting a fashion show fundraiser. You just need to decide what type of fashion show you want to hold. You can put on a toddler show, a tween show, a teen show, a men’s fashion show, a women’s fashion show, a mom and daughter show, etc. Then you need to pick a theme like back to school, weddings, designers, trends, accessories, summer, fall, maternity, etc.

Once you have your theme established, you can start sourcing out your models and the clothes that they will be modeling. Local boutiques may be open to loaning out clothes and accessories in return for the free promotion. They also may be able to offer up some advice regarding event set up, model preparation, etc.

It’s important that you choose the right venue for your event. You’ll want to be able to set up a runway and have plenty of room for seating on each side. You’ll also need a changing room with direct access to your runway. If you plan on creating a large event, you’ll probably need a PA system for your event emcee.

Fashion shows are a great fundraising idea for all schools, charities and nonprofit groups, youth groups, and sororities. In addition to charging for admission to the event, you can also sell sponsorships to local businesses. Another way to increase your event revenue is to auction off clothing worn at the event or hold a raffle for a $100 shopping spree at a local boutique (charge $5 a raffle ticket and see if you can get the boutique to donate the prize).

You should have no problem using social media to build awareness for your fashion show. Be sure to print up flyers and posters and put them up wherever you can.