This popular fundraiser idea is great for food banks, animal shelters, homeless shelters, volunteer fire departments, and similar groups. Essentially, it works for any organization which relies on in-kind donations such as food, clothing, and supplies. Cash can be collected as well!

This is a fairly easy fundraiser to organize. All you need to do is partner with local fire department (or police department) to park a fire truck (or police cars) at a participating store’s parking lot. Most organizations that put on this type of fundraiser, work with a local grocery store or large retail store (depending on what type of items are being collected).

The idea is to convince shoppers to help fill up the fire truck with needed items which can purchased from the participating store. The store benefits from the extra sales, and your organization benefits from the donated items. You should have volunteers at the store entrance to hand out flyers to customers upon entering. This fundraiser works best on weekends when more people are out shopping.

You should have no problems collecting enough items to fill a fire truck over the weekend. Be sure to notify your local news media, as they may be willing to announce the fundraiser on-air or online.

This fundraising idea works any time of the year. It’s also great for holiday toy drives!