This fun and unique fundraiser idea can work great for any group, club, or organization. It’s especially appropriate for libraries and educational institutions. Let’s face it, people have an innate desire to know where they came from. Why not help them out, and raise some funds for your organization in the process?

Researching one’s own family roots is very popular, but not everyone knows how to go about doing it. In return for a donation to your cause, people who don’t know much about their ancestral roots can sit down for an hour with a local ancestor research expert and get details about their family history.

All you need to do to organize this unique fundraising idea is to get some volunteers who know how to do basic genealogy research online. You’ll want to secure a facility with several tables and chairs, and be sure that you have access to several electrical outlets for computers.

We recommend having people make advanced appointments, however, you can allow walk-ins as well. For this type of fundraiser, you will need to do some promotion. Create and distribute promotional flyers and flood your social media pages with posts that your volunteers and other people can share. Good luck!