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Floral Arrangement for Seniors and Beginners

Floral arrangement or arranging flowers is a fun hobby that has been around since the ancient Egyptians back in 2,500 BC, and possibly even earlier. Of course, back then flower arranging was more for ceremonial purposes rather than purely for decoration. Later, the Greeks and Romans also experimented in floral arrangement. One could argue that floral arrangement has been around as a hobby as long as humans have been around to gather and cultivate flowers. For seniors, arranging flowers is a great way to stay active and focused while reducing stress!

Floral Arrangement for Seniors and Beginners

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Floral design or floral arrangement is the art of creating beautiful arrangements designed to evoke an emotional response using flowers and other foliage. The floral arrangements can also be designed to convey a specific meaning depending on the type of flowers being used. Although floral arrangement may seem easy to the untrained eye, there is a lot of work and technique that goes on behind the scenes. The good news is that once you learn some of the basics of floral arrangement, you’ll be able to develop your own style much like you would with any original work of art. If you are interested in floral arrangement as a hobby, you’ve definitely come to the right place. The instructional videos we have listed below will give you a great overview on how to get started.

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