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Foraging for Wild Berries for Beginners

Foraging for wild berries can be a fun hobby and activity for anyone who enjoys a good adventure. There are many benefits associated with foraging for berries. We all know how expensive berries can be in the store, plus, most berries sold in the stores are sourced from farms and many are tasteless. There’s also the fact that wild berries often have a much higher nutritional value than cultivated berries. In addition to getting free, healthier, and tastier berries, the activity of searching for berries can be very relaxing and stress relieving. After all, you are doing this activity out in nature. And don’t forget that you’ll be getting lots of great exercise as well! This is a benefit that you get regardless of whether or not you find berries.  

Foraging for Wild Berries

Make Foraging for Berries Your Next Hobby!

If you are interested in taking up wild berry foraging as your next hobby, we highly recommend that you educate yourself online and / or shop Amazon or your local book store for a field guide to wild berries. It’s very important that you know what you are looking for, as some berries can be poisonous. There are several dozen good books available, many specific to certain areas of the country. Good luck and enjoy your pickings!

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