Fourth of July Holiday Flagging Fundraiser

Help celebrate the Fourth of July in your community by creating a 4th of July flag planting fundraiser. Members of your community, school, church, etc. will be able to purchase small flags from you and have them placed on their front lawns by your group of volunteers.

You can purchase a large quantity of small flags (on sticks) in bulk from craft stores or online (should be able to find them for less than $2 each). There are a number of sites that sell them, including Amazon. Request donations of $10 or more to buy a flag and have it placed in the front lawn sometime just prior to the holiday. This Fourth of July holiday fundraiser can work extremely well for schools, sports teams, clubs and church groups who have access to many volunteers to help spread the word throughout the community.

You can also plan this fundraiser for Memorial Day, Flag Day and Veterans Day.

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