Gender Reveal Yard Signs for Gender Reveal Parties!

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? When it’s time to announce the gender of your baby to the world (or maybe just the neighborhood), do it with a gender reveal yard sign. These adorable yard signs are great for gender reveal parties or just for fun. They can be ordered on most seller marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy (see below). They also make a great keepsake to hold on to. 

These gender reveal yard signs come in all shapes and sizes, including giant baby-themed yard letters where you can spell out your message, custom banners with your message, or regular yard signs. There are prices to fit any budget.

Check Out the Selection of Cute Gender Reveal Yard Signs

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Ordering Your Gender Reveal Yard Sign

Most of the gender reveal yard signs are made from a high-quality corrugated plastic material which makes them weather resistant. If you want the sign to hold up in the weather, be sure not to buy the cardboard ones. If you are buying for indoor use or to use just for a few hours outdoors, then cardboard signs will work fine. 

When ordering your gender reveal yard sign, you’ll want to make sure that is comes with a wire stake (larger signs will generally require a larger metal H-Stake or something similar). Note that you can buy wire H-Stakes at the Home Depot or Lowes. 

DIY installation is really simple. Just insert one end of the wire stake into the yard and place the other end through the flute of the sign.

Yard Sign Placement Instructions