We call it the “Give and Get” fundraiser, but it can really go by any name. This traditional fundraising idea has been around for decades, and never ceases to disappoint. One of the best things about this fundraising activity is that it’s fairly easy to execute and doesn’t require much in the way of startup costs. This means that it can be hosted by just about any type of club, group, organization, team, or school.

The Give and Get fundraiser works as follows: Have your fundraising team secure items from local merchants that can be given away to everyone who makes a donation to your cause. Giveaways can include a free cup of coffee, free bagel, free manicure, free haircut, etc. You get the idea. The bigger the donation, the bigger the giveaway item. Everyone’s a winner!

Businesses benefit by getting listed on your promotional flyers, posters, and website. In addition, they will likely pick up some new, loyal customers. Keep in mind, that the actual cost of the item being given away by the business is much less than the retail price that they sell it for. For example, even though a small coffee may sell for $2.50, it only costs the business around $0.50.

Ideally, you would secure a grand prize, such as a free hotel stay, which can be given away via a random drawing among all those who donated.

We also highly recommend that you contact local media outlets and try to get them involved with your fundraiser. If you can get some on-air mentions, you’ll be pretty much guaranteed success. Here is an example of the fundraiser in action.

And don’t forget to come up with some clever social media posts. The more people share your promotion on social media, the more funds you stand to raise. Good luck!