Halloween Haunted House Fundraiser

Halloween Haunted House Fundraiser

You do not have to go to extremes to host a haunted house fundraiser. Leave the terrifying, heart-stopping haunted houses to the professionals, unless of course you are up to the challenge! If you are catering to more of a teen to adult audience, go for the scares. But if you expect mostly small children, you don’t want anything too scary.

To set up a haunted house, you will need a facility, lots of volunteers, costumes, props, artists and make-up artists. The basic idea is for kids (or adults) to walk through your set up and have various zombies, mummy’s, mad doctors, and monsters pop out and scare them along the way. You can have a carpenter set up your entry way into the attraction. Dim lighting is very important. And don’t forget about the spider webs.

You can have the zombies and monsters hand out candy along the way. Here are some suggestions on the type of room themes you can create. Remember, if you plan to have young children go through your haunted house, you’ll want to tone things down quite a bit and have an emergency exit in case anyone gets too scared.

  • Graveyard or tombs
  • Insane asylum
  • Witches’ coven
  • Dungeon or cage
  • Nuclear disaster zone
  • Evil scientist’s laboratory
  • Autopsy room
  • Haunted hotel
  • Old haunted school room
  • Medieval torturing chamber
  • Haunted doll room
  • Crazy butcher


You can also have your haunted house tell a story as people progress to different rooms or areas. Maybe you want to take people through an old orphanage where scary things happened! You can even consider having a tour guide lead the way to tell the frightening story of what occurred. People usually start getting excited about Halloween and haunted houses towards the end of September. To maximize revenue, you may want to consider running your haunted house each weekend in October up until Halloween.

Entry fee donations would depend on how good your haunted house is. You’ll want to start your event promotion at least 2 to 3-months in advance if possible. Be sure to promote heavily on all your social media channels. Also, create posters and flyers that you can place throughout the community. We hope you have a scary good time putting this fundraiser together!

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