Great idea. Why didn’t we think of it! Yes, it actually happened. This clever fundraising event, called  “Go Wild for HCCS Friends and Family” took place at Holy Cross Catholic School in Defiance, OH. The fundraiser earned the school $60,000 in a period of 6-weeks. The funds went to assist with the school’s operating budget.

HCCS teachers gave a challenge to each student to collect at least one monetary donation, and agreed to kiss a pig if their class met this goal. Students were also able to earn event-themed prizes. Those students who raised $500 or more were invited to take a limousine ride to The Toledo Zoo, where they participated in a special behind the scenes “critter encounter.”

The highlight of the event was of course when the students got to see their teachers give a kiss to ‘Lily’ the potbelly pig. Read about the fundraiser here.

This is a great fundraising idea for schools, groups, clubs, and other organizations. All you need is a cute pig, and some willing participants!