Large Yard Letters for Any Occasion

Make Someone's Day In A Special Way With Large Yard Letters

There’s no better way to get your message across than spelling it out with large yard letters. Yard sign letters can usually be purchased in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 12” to 24”. The most popular sizes are 18”, 22” and 24”. If you really want your message to be visible for drive-by traffic, go with the larger letters and vibrant colors that won’t absorb into the background of the lawn or house.

Birthday Yard Signs

If you want to save some money, you can purchase a yard sign letter set. Letter sets usually spell out an occasion such as ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’,  ‘IT’S A GIRL’, or ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’. They come pre-packaged and are usually a dollar or two cheaper per letter than ordering the letters individually. Of course, if you want to add a name or other sign elements, you’ll need to order individual letters.

Yard sign letters need to be water-resistant or weatherproof. Most are made from 4mm corrugated plastic material, which holds up well in most weather conditions. Be careful to make sure you’re not buying cheap cardboard letters (unless you intend to just have the sign up for a day or less).


When ordering large yard sign letters, you’ll want to make sure that each one comes with a wire stake. DIY installation is really simple. Just insert one end of the wire stake into the yard and place the other end through the flute of the sign.

Check out the letter sets at the bottom of this post!

Yard Sign Placement Instructions

Say it with large yard letters!

Happy Birthday

Birth Announcement 

Baby Shower



Merry Christmas

Happy Retirement

Happy Cinco de Mayo


Get Well Soon

Happy Anniversary

Thank You

Will You Marry Me

I Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day

Gender Reveal

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Good Luck

Welcome Home

Happy 4th of July

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Halloween

And more!

Ordering Large Yard Sign Letters

The best place to find large yard sign letters is on a seller’s marketplace. Most of the top yard sign manufacturers sell on Amazon or Etsy. 

Yard Sign Letters

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