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Accordion Lessons for Seniors and Beginners

Although it may seem like the accordion is a complicated instrument that’s difficult to play, it’s actually one of the easier instruments to learn once you get familiar with a few of the basics. For beginners, not being able to clearly see the keys due to the way the instrument is held is probably the most challenging aspect of learning to play. The accordion is believed to have been invented in Berlin, in 1822, by Friedrich Buschmann, although there are some experts who dispute this. The instrument is widely played in popular music throughout parts of Latin America, while in Europe and North America, the accordion is mostly heard in polkas and folk music. There are multiple variations of the accordion, such as the Irish button accordion which can be heard in many traditional Irish songs.

Learn to Play the Accordion

Learn to Play the Accordion!

If you are interested in learning to play the accordion, you’ve come to the right place. The beginner accordion instructional videos we have listed below will give you a good overview and introduction to the instrument. If you don’t have access to an accordion, you can purchase a good entry-level instrument for under $100 on Amazon. Whether you already have an accordion and never learned to play, or you are just considering starting for the first time, check out the instructional videos listed below. Get started learning to play the accordion today!

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