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Learn to Play the Banjo for Seniors and Beginners

The banjo is one of those instruments that you can instantly recognize being played in any song. This unique sounding instrument originates from Africa and came to the U.S. during the slavery period. Today, the banjo is primarily associated with blue grass, folk and country music, and has been a front porch staple for a few centuries in the Appalachian Mountains and other parts of the U.S.

Learn to Play the Banjo

Learn to Play the Banjo at Any Age!

Although playing the banjo may seem complicated, it’s actually easier than the guitar. Some people consider it to be one of the easiest string instruments to learn, but don’t expect to become a banjo picking expert overnight. There is skill involved with banjo playing, and the best place to start learning these skills is by watching the introduction to banjo videos that we have listed below.

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Absolute Beginner Banjo Course!

Free Banjo Lesson: Basic Banjo Chords

Learn to Play Bluegrass Banjo - Lesson 1

How to Play Blues on the Banjo - Beginner Blues Lesson

Beginner Banjo | 3 Essential Rolls For Bluegrass Banjo

Easy Banjo Chords

Beginner banjo: Simple three-note rolls to get you started