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Bassoon Lessons for Seniors and Beginners

The bassoon is a double reed woodwind instrument that is primarily featured in orchestral music. The instrument is primarily known for producing a warm vibrato and deep rich sound with a wide range of notes. The bassoon can be one of the more difficult woodwind instruments to learn to play. The size of the instrument can be restrictive for many people, mastering the double reed can be a challenge, and you will be making use of all 10 fingers to work the keys. With that being said, as with any instrument, practice makes perfect!

Learn to Play the Bassoon

Learn to Play the Bassoon!

Chances are, if you are considering taking up bassoon playing as a hobby or activity, you are already somewhat familiar with how the instrument plays and sounds. But before you invest in an instrument and lessons, you should be aware that the bassoon is an expensive instrument. If you don’t have access to a bassoon already, we suggest renting one from a local music store prior to purchasing in case you later decide that this is not the instrument for you. The beginner bassoon instructional videos we have listed below will give you a good overview and introduction to the instrument. Whether you already have a bassoon and never learned to play, or you are just considering starting for the first time, check out the instructional videos listed below. Get started learning to play the bassoon today!

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How to Play the Bassoon

Beginning Bassoon Lesson

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Bassoon Basics

How to Play Beginning Bassoon Notes & Fingerings